Michael Karns Art Gallery
This Gallery is for viewing recent works by Michael Karns. For inquiries please contact the Artist directly.
  My name is Michael Karns, I am from Madison Wisconsin.
I have always been artistic and my Parents encouraged me
to follow my dreams. I attended the University of Wisconsin
Oshkosh and earned a degree in Graphic Design and
Illustration. I moved to California after graduation to work
for Disney, but my plans changed and I started working as
a Graphic Artist in the Apparel Industry. I Have won a
National Award and continue to work in this field.
  Over the years I have learned the power of the computer. I
have struggled to learn the programs that make designing
so easy and longed for a more 3-dimensional approach to
a 2-dimensional industry.    And so I paint.

   My Paintings are everything a computer cannot do. I use natural texture to give my
Paintings a 3-dimensional landscape. The use of sand, sawdust and tree branches create Art that is impossible to duplicate. The techniques I have developed are
totally unique and fresh. My Paintings are originals that are best viewed in natural
light and in-person.  Please take a moment to view the Gallery Images and feel free
to contact me with comments or inquiries.
                                                                            Michael Karns

 Phone : 530 238-8689         E-mail  Omegaz0t@aol.com      facebook michael karns
 I'd like to Thank my Wife Lisa and Kids, Savannah, Trevor, Dustin and Heather
for all their support and critiques,  I love you guys!